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About Acurast

Acurast connects developers to real-world data providers via its marketplace on the Acurast blockchain, enabling access to data within their blockchain applications.

Main page intro

The intro section gives instant insight into what the company is doing. The lines on the black background simultaneously refer to data transferring and the metaphor of the universe — the lines resemble the rings of Saturn.

Brand metaphor

The main symbol of the concept is a portal. Acurast transfers data from the real world to blockchain applications through the portal. During the transition, the data's transformation is visualized through changes in color and gradient.

Main page section

The metaphor of the portal is evident throughout the graphic — this allows the brand to be recognized even without a logo.

Main page, mobile

The simple but expressive organization of space is maintained even on small screens. Because it is simple.

Visuals for social media

The use of 3D expands the visual vocabulary of the brand and therefore helps generate interest.

Data consumers page section

Brand graphics uses simple vector forms, so you can quickly create a new one.

Inner pages — first section

Inner pages are consistent, but use color coding and other techniques to engage and create a sense of context.

Express branding guide

We established short guidelines for using visual graphics and created a visual system for brand communication.

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Brand identity

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