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About Aimme

Aimme changes the paradigm of job search, helping to find not just a source of income, but to build an individual career path based on personal qualities and values. The main goal is to find a match, a coincidence between the applicant and the suitable team, company, and career.


The brief was to build a brand that felt trustworthy, supportive, and confident. They also wanted the brand to be exciting, positive, and energetic. The core audience is young people who are just starting to build their careers or those who have tried some jobs but are looking for a truly inspiring career path.

Brand Character

«Aim» means goal, aspiration. Aimme is a navigator that points the direction for career growth. The brand character is open, supportive, confident, and approachable. This is conveyed through the vibrant yellow, which inspires action and energizes with positivity.

Logo Metaphor

The logo's graphics convey the idea of matching and coincidence. Two arrows converge at a central point: the intersection of personal talents and company goals.

Brand Graphics

The idea of «Reassemble Yourself Anew» is embedded in the visual graphics. It is realized through various configurations of geometric shapes: squares and rectangles. The rotation of photos at non-standard angles is a continuation of the idea of a new perspective on oneself.

Color Palette

The primary corporate color is lemon yellow. Vibrant, motivating, and infused with positivity, this color is consistently used across all brand materials and serves as a vital element for brand recognition. To create balance, white and beige colors are strategically incorporated into all brand media, symbolizing confidence and tranquility.

Font Choice

We were looking for a font that feels energetic and bold. We chose TT Neoris for the headings because it creates a confident mindset instead of leaning too classically modernist. The body font was selected as Inter for its clarity. Additionally, we added IBM Plex Mono for small descriptions to reflect an AI and machine-based concept.

Website and Guidelines

We created a landing page and a folder of assets for the client to use for social posts, blog headers, business cards, outside banners, and more. We developed the site on Webflow and are now waiting for the product to launch.