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About Netra

With its AI-powered content engine, Netra helps analyze, extract, and search metadata from videos and images, revolutionizing data insights. Netra's industry-leading AI platform democratizes access to sophisticated content comprehension and delivers it into the hands of fast-moving date science startups to Fortune 50 product teams.

Easy Scanning

Once upon a time, to transfer text from a paper document to a computer screen or to send it to someone, manual typing was required. Later, modern scanners emerged (although the precursor appeared as early as 1856), which allowed for the digitization of large databases.

Netra is developing a similar technology for recognizing and classifying objects in videos, so the brand's metaphor is based on the principle of scanner operation. Their technology specializes in content classification, approaching it in a playful and easy manner. We show it through bright colors and dynamic animations.


The Netra logo develops the scanner metaphor and contains five shapes with different thickness. Netra, like a high-precision scanner, meticulously dissects visual content, transforming it into intricate layers of information.

Brand Identity

The brand identity framework is playful, confident and dynamic. Scanner metaphor underscores the brand's mission to revolutionize data insights by converting complex visuals into valuable and actionable information.

Website Design

We used layers and lines to show up the scanning process for recognizing and classifying objects in videos. This visual technique formed the basis for highlighting key words in headlines, formatting tags, and creating masks for photos.

Social Media Kit

The metaphor of the scanner is evident throughout the graphic — this allows the brand to be recognized even without a logo. We've developed social media kit to make it easy to create new content.

3 weeks

Brand identity

3 weeks

Web design