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About (OTG)

Olivenet Technology Group (OTG) is a multi-service provider of IT and telecommunication solutions in Marbella, Spain. The company is focused on development and implementing new technologies to increase the quality of customers’ life and help businesses be more efficient.

OTG products and services are specially developed for both B2C and B2B clients covering different areas from IPTV and Security services to Solar Energy and Data Centers solutions. They also provide intuitive and efficient Accounting software to help businesses of all sizes to be more productive.


In November 2022, OTG approached us to strengthen the marketing and design team. We've built into the company's processes as an internal design team, responsible for product design updates, assembling websites, branding, making logos and social media creatives.

We plan the workload on a monthly basis, and add tasks as needed. All tasks are managed using the company's CMS.

Key Objectives

One of our key objectives was to update the product design in a gradual and systematic manner, by developing a flexible design system that would allow each sub-brand to showcase its unique identity. While the rebranding process is still ongoing, we have already begun to see the positive impact of our updates.


We moved from the individual to the whole and developed an identity first for individual products, creating a unified style in graphics, colors, fonts and site layout. And then we put together a guide to the new style and identity for the umbrella brand. This approach helped to ecologically integrate the new design into the existing products and prepare for a major trade show where the holding's new directions will be showcased.

Umbrella Brand

OTG branding is built around a striking visual style that features intersecting lines and circles, representing the transformation and evolution of data. Each product has its own distinct color scheme, reflecting its unique character and features. All of colors are vibrant and bright, embodying the commitment to innovation and creativity in the telecommunications industry.

Data Center Website

We have created the landing page for the new Data Center. The identity is built on the intersection of lines, which refers to information flows. The intersection is marked by a point that brings together different sources of information. These intersection points set a new trajectory for data flow, symbolizing high-speed data transmission.

SBN Soft

SBN Soft is a software development company that specializes in digitalizing and empowering businesses. As part of our design support, we have created a new logotype and landing page.

A1 Saas-service

A1 is an accounting software designed specifically to meet the requirements of Spanish law for document management and reporting. As part of our services, we designed the logo and landing page for A1.

The circular shape of the logo represents the central role of accounting in a business, and the plus sign at its center symbolizes an accountant in contact with colleagues from different departments. The sharp lines of the logo represent the precision and accuracy of calculations.

Olivenet Energy

The graphics are designed using the shape of solar panels. The white outline of the figures emphasizes the energetic orange color fill that symbolizes solar energy. The photo masks inside the graphics resemble windows through which we can see the future in harmony with ecology.

All of these websites and brand identities were created as part of our monthly design support for OTG. We collaborate closely with their internal marketing team to deliver the best possible results. We are currently working on new designs, so stay tuned for more updates.

Client’s review

Ksenia Chaplygina

CMO & CPO, Olivenet Telecom Group

The partnership remains ongoing, but Feely Studio's excellent designs have received positive feedback from the internal team and the end clients. They collaborate effectively in and conduct regular check-ins to ensure the project's timely completion. They're reliable and quick to adapt. Full Review