Basic Capital

Brand Identity · Web Design

About Basic Capital

Basic Capital is the first ever ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ system for retirement, so that everyone can have the chance to build wealth regardless of how much they’re able to save every month. Basic Capital’s mission is to unlock capital ownership for all.


Basic Capital tasked us with a bold mission: to create a  brand identity for their innovative retirement and wealth system. Through research and creative exploration, we developed a distinct identity that embodies trust, reliability, and forward-thinking.

Brand Character

If the brand was a person, Basic Capital would sound confident, forward-thinking, and articulate. They know how to listen, and they're easy to talk to, but what we say sounds smart and innovative, always.

Cursor as a Starting Point

The cursor is a symbol representing the starting point for new beginnings and actions. It communicates the idea that individuals don't need to wait until they have a substantial amount of money to begin investing in their retirement.

Visual Language

The visual language is a reflection of BS’s commitment to building wealth through innovative and structured approaches. We embrace the idea of utilizing square blocks as symbols of stability, reliability, and strategic planning. Each block represents a foundational element in the wealth-building strategy, meticulously crafted to withstand the tests of time and market fluctuations.


We've crafted patterns embodying stability, reliability, and strategic planning. Square blocks symbolize the substantial investment base BS provides to customers. The boxes consistently follow an 'up-and-to-the-right' or ascending northeast direction.

Historical Figures

We have chosen a distinctive printed-live style for our illustrations, resembling the intricate details found on currency, such as dots and lines. This unique visual approach serves a dual purpose within our brand guidelines.

Firstly, it enables us to craft a series of illustrations featuring historical and famous figures. By intertwining these figures with our narrative, we effectively communicate the story of Basic Capital, reinforcing our brand's heritage and significance in the financial realm.

Secondly, this style is deliberately selected to evoke a sense of trust and stability among our audience. Just as the intricate details on currency denote authenticity and value, our illustrations symbolize the solidity and reliability of Basic Capital, fostering trust and confidence in our brand.

Brand Elements

As part of branding sprints, we've developed presentation designs, a social media kit, various print and document formats, posters, stickers, and merchandise. We've developed a style for both B2B and B2C audiences.

Presentation Template

We have provided 101 slides with various configurations: text, numbers, graphics, and photos. For data visualization, we have included several types of charts and color schemes.

Social Media Kit

“Let's add some fun to B2C communications," said the founder. "Why not?" we replied and boy did we have some fun. Look what we came up with for our Instagram feed.

Offline Brand Collaterals

We've considered how the product will live in real life, which resulted in a series of mockups with merchandise and printed materials.


We refer to this aspect of the brand's appearance as 'Out of Orbit.' It is employed when Basic Capital is at its boldest and most expressive, whether for  out-of-home advertising, social media, or other consumer-facing marketing materials.


We've launched a temporary version of the website, developed based on the new identity, while the product itself is still in development.

Client’s review


CEO, Basic Capital

The team was incredible empathetic to our needs, constraints, and preference and thoughtfully executed accordingly on every detail. Product management communication was extremely clear, we knew what they were doing every day and what was the deliverable every week. Full Review